artisan pantry

Local Specialty Foods

  • Jellies  herb, pepper, and wine infused flavors
  • Teas  healthy herb selections and seasonal blends
  • Dehydrates  whole leaf dried herbs and peppers
  • Seasonings  sea salts, herb blends, and spices
  • Raw Honey  from kristi's hives
  • Miscellany  syrups, frozen cubes, seasonal specials, and tinctures

Where to Buy

 Coastal Foodshed new bedford market area

 Marshfield Farmers' Market marshfield market area

 What's Good Rhode Island rhode island market area

 Oakdale Farms Country Barn  rehoboth market area


Enjoy the smooth blend of flavors in this unique line of pepper and herb-infused jellies to compliment or enhance your:

        Cheeses         Pastries         Meats         Fruits                          Dressings       Seafoods       Desserts     Vegetables